"Wa" of Japanese tradition

and "Cat"

Inspiration came from a cat living in a country side of old Japanese house enjoy watching birds outside in Japanese garden.

Cat can blend into any sceneries. While, Japanese tradition and cat can create beautiful chemistry in particular.

Tabby's Code is striving to create something uniquely Japanese that will accentuate feline's beauty.

With image of Kimono's decorative belt, "Obijime", we have designed cat collar with spice of Japanese tradition.

Our Kumihimo cords are made in Ishikawa where used to be one of famous area for braided cord. We use the same cord that is used for traditional Japanese accessories or decoration for Japanese dolls.

Tabby's code proudly produce and deliver our handcrafted collars from here in Ishikawa to nationwide.

What greater gift than the love of a cat                By James Herriot

Tabby’s Code


Japanese garden cat


Tabby's Code founder, Yoriko, is a passionate traveller, whose journey started at the age of 18 and has not stopped travelling since then. Living in Australia, UK, Taiwan and Singapore has had a profoundly enriching impact on her life, especially spending five years in Sydney, which helped form the new roots of who she has become, and will become.

After being in the trading industry for quite some time, she dramatically changed her career and worked in the pet industry and volunteered at animal shelters to pursue her passion. It was in 2017 when she came back to Japan and decided to make items for pets, which are uniquely Japanese, combining some ethical ideas into pet products. That’s how Tabby’s Code was given birth,  after two years of tinkering with innovative designs and struggling to track down the most carefully selected materials.