with Tabby's Code
cat collar for black cat
kumihimo cat collar
Tabby's Code
is a line of handcrafted cat collar
inspired from Japanese tradition

Cat collar which carries all essentials of you and feline's needs. 


All comes in one

This 9.5g lightweight collar is designed to give minimal feeling of discomfort for cats wearing collars.  

Tabby's code uses magnets to secure your feline's safety, which makes our collar uniquely different.


Our collar is light & slim yet stylish and functional standards are both met.


that swings like necklace

How do you wanna style up your tabbies?
You can hook our charms on the collar to make it look just like a feline's necklace. 
Alternatively, you can replace it with an ID tag or your own charm.
We have more than 20 choices of charms, and more to come. 
cat necklace