What Makes Us Different



Tabby's code uses magnets to secure feline safety, which makes our collar uniquely different from existing collars.
Safety magnets are hidden underneath the knots and designed to come off with certain weights. Cats are majestically adventurous so it is important that safety buckles work both when under instant pressure and gradually-applied pressure to maximize safety, whereas plastic buckles are prone to work only with instant pressure.


Safety magnets let you put them on & take them off so easily that makes no hustle to you and your feline friends.

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This 9.5g lightweight collar is designed to give minimal feeling of discomfort for cats wearing collars. Materials, forms and size all need to be considered for their comfort, especially thick rough materials with a neckful of decorations will stress felines. Collars should not be an obstacle to their joyous grooming!


Tabby’s Code collar is light and slim yet stylish and functional standards are both met.



Our collars are locally sourced and handmade here in Kanazawa, Japan.
Kumihimo (braided cord) is sourced from a local small braided cord factory and our knots are hand woven ourselves working together with the local community, which supports people with special assistance needs. We also partner with craftsman who handcraft some of our “Chirimen” flowers.
We carefully handcraft, a small batch at a time, and test the force of magnets to ensure safety before shipment.

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Although we are not expert in this field, Tabby's Code consider environmental and social impacts seriously. We make our best to minimize negative footprint on earth in all processes of the production and we will continue improving one by one to incorporate sustainable and ethical thinking into our practice.  

Motivation for our work significantly comes from a wish for all cats to find happy homes. Our model cats are all rescued cats, of which most of them can be adapted (for those applicable).

Tabby's Code continuously makes charitable giving effort to support animal shelters and local organizations, which work to find homes for stray cats. Also, we will continue to work closely with local communities to encourage their craftworks.


Your tabbies will tell you a lot more....