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How to adjust size

Please note braided cord may not be as smoothly adjustable as cotton collar.

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Fitting guide

Generally appropriate length is about 3 - 4cm bigger than nude neck size which may be measured by allowing room to fit 2 fingers between collar and feline’s neck. Collar can get caught easily if it is too loose but it gives discomfort if too tight. Thus please ensure the collar is fitted correctly to prevent from unexpected incident.

Cat collar Fitting Guide

Light weight

Cats below 3kg of weight

Safety magnet is designed to come off most properly with 3kg and above of weight. For this reason we do not recommend the collar for cats below 3kg in weight as magnet may not work effectively.

This is not for kitten use for safety purposes (which we are designing now.) 

cat collar light weight

Slim neck

If your cat is slim neck below 20cm

Our collar is best fitted above 20cm up to around 27cm. However there is no limit of minimum size thus neck size below 20cm can also be fitted. It is just that excess cord from both ends will be longer, so some people may care the appearance.

cat collar for slim neck


Clean by wiping down gently with water. 

Make sure not to rub hard as coating on surface may come off.

Do not machine wash.

cat collar care