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    “Karauchi” is a method of kumihimo braid. Characteristic of this method is using 16 threads to braid, which makes braid surface smooth and detailed. It is durable as finely braided so that no coating is applied on surface. You can feel and enjoy kumihimo’s soft and smooth texture itself.


    Magnetic buckle offers a new option in cat safety combined with beautiful Japanese braided cord. Safety magnets are hidden underneath the knots and designed to come off with certain weights. Also suitable for a dog’s indoor use.


    • Adjustable in length up to 27cm at Ribbon-shaped metal part
    • Thin wire inside the cord to keep the shape
    • 6mm bell included
    • Thin coating on cord surface to increase its durability

    Both knots are elegant wine red color.




    Length: 20cm - 27cm (Suitable for cats 3kg and above)

    Weight: 9.5 g

    Thickness of cord: 5mm

    Materials: Cord- Rayon Knots&Tag- Polyester


    *Charm is not included. It may be purchased separately.




    NO type of buckles can work perfectly effective 100% of the time, magnet type is not an exception either.

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