Kumihimo 5mm/7mm

Kumihimo 5mm/7mm

Traditional Kumihimo in the markets are mostly hand-woven silk cord made in Kyoto which are highly priced. Our Kumihimo cords are machine-braided by local artisans in Ishikawa. Ishikawa is used to be one of the well-known areas for braided cord and we partner with a local artisans who are proudly passing on the tradition up to this day.

To offer friendly-priced Kumihimo, we use rayon to braid cords. Rayon has a very close shiny-look and smooth texture just like silk , yet it is economic material. We wish kumihimo to be widely used outside Japan and can decorate people's every-day life..

Please read conditions carefully


  • Minimum order : 60m  (Regardless of thickness)
  • Each design needs minimum of 30m
  • Cords are sold in cuts by increments of 10 meters

  • Our collection has 3 types, 4mm, 5mm Round and 7mm Flat cords (This page is for 5mm/7mm)

  • Price shown is the price of every 10m selected from our own collections, it is possible to customize thread colors with ¥1300 initial customize charge

  • For full customization, such as to change cord thickness or material to silk or acrylic, please inquire us


Below price are the volume up to 150m (price per 10 meter). For larger volume, we can offer further discount


■Price Table  (Up to 150m)

  • 5mm Round           ¥3700/m
  • 7mm Flat               ¥3700/m


("Quantity 1" means 10m)



Shipping cost is separately calculated. We will try to find the best shipping method to meet your request. (Estimate) 1kg = Appx 70m cords


Tips: Minimum order of 60m means? You can select

- 60m of design A

- 30m  each of design A and design B

- 50m of design A and 40m of design B


For individuals who would like smaller volume, please contact us to discuss

    10 Meters