Mizuhiki is a strong, thin twine used for an ancient Japanese art form made from Japanese paper (Washi). Rice paper is used for the base, with foil wrapped around in various colors. 


It was used to be a decoration for special occasions, in modern days, people use it in many creative ways! 


Our story of Mizuhiki making

We try to incorporate ethical practice in our production. Our Mizuhiki is made by a group in the local community, who are in need of special assistance. The group who make our Mizuhiki is well trained and has very high craft skills. We hope to support them to build self-confidence through the interaction with our works. As Mizuhiki is handwoven, each item has a unique look. 


Please read conditions carefully


  • Minimum order : 50 pieces

  • Price are largely vary on quantity, cord colors and packaging

  • To customize cord colors, each design requires +¥1300 initial customize charge


■Price Table (selected from our collection)

  • A:Mizuhiki Only           ¥260/pc

  • B:Mizuhiki + Charm     ¥280/pc (Charm has 2 types)

  • C:Mizuhiki + Charm + Package     ¥300/pc




・Size is fixed. Size and shape cannot be changed (Size 16-18mm)

・Each item has a slight difference in size/color/shape 

・Each item is carefully handwoven. Delivery time can vary depending on quantity and timing. Please place an order well in advance. (Estimate) 1month to make 100~150pc + Delivery time



Shipping fee below 100pcs will be ¥780 ~ ¥980 (depending on the region). Over 100pcs, please check with us as every condition is different.